We meet with Fabric to discuss the different types of curtains, sheers and wall coverings, as well as the latest features in these materials that you probably didn’t know about!


Dino Fino guide us through the different options for kitchens and the technology that helps with storage, comfort and convenience.


We meet with Crosscraft to discuss how to plan out the electrics for your appliances, as well as learn about the latest technology in your kitchen gadgets, that could make a good cook in anyone!


Studio Moda fill us in on what materials to use for specific areas, acoustic solutions within feature walls and the different types of wood on the market.


We speak with Deckor who guide us through the different types of internal doors and the best spaces to use them in. We also discuss their different materials and hardware.


Josies open their doors to us to discuss different tile options, sanitary ware and how to plan out your bathroom from shell, including plumbing solutions.


We are joined by R Living who guide us through the different types of wood flooring available, and what would work best for your home, including in bathrooms and kitchens.


We speak with Astral on location, at a fully automated home, to experience the luxury that smart systems can bring to your space.


Evolve talk us through their exterior decking and its properties, such as its high durability and simple installation. We discuss what makes this flooring an ideal material for terraces and pool areas, and how its long lasting properties make it a fantastic choice for outdoor spaces that require minimal maintenance.


Watch our second video with Evolve, where this time we discuss wall features, including textured wall coverings and 3D accent walls. Whether you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere or a focal point in your space, wall features can transform the look and feel of a room without a major renovation.

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