The House Hack is a concept created by the founder and CEO of Lillie Helena Design House; Justine Lillie Helena Bartolo.

Throughout the years, Justine started to notice a pattern in her residential clients. First-time buyers were experiencing significant frustration and confusion during the finishing stages of their homes. The clients opting to manage the project themselves without any help from the project management arm of Lillie Helena were forced to deal with suppliers and contractors themselves, without having any knowledge about the products and finishes they were purchasing. Clients found themselves following any supplier’s advice often resulting in regretful large and permanent investments— often repeating the phrase ‘I would do it differently next time’.

“As an interior design studio, we felt helpless, and wanted to be able to educate the public in an efficient way & in a time and money saving manner. This is how The House Hack was born.”

The House Hack was created as a platform to help local home owners understand the products they were purchasing to finish their homes. Through interviews between Justine and well-established professional suppliers, we are able to educate the public. By the time the new home owners are sourcing their finishes they can rely on themselves to reach out to the right suppliers, and feel confident that both the product and service they are receiving will be of the standard they require.

The House Hack’s first course delves into the finishes required to turn a property from shell into a home. We are excited to bring more videos featuring other phases that will enable the home owner to enjoy the journey of home creating.

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